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Red Oak and Patinaed Copper 5 Chime 1/2″ or 3/4″ Shipping Included

Free shipping in the continental US Available with your choice of wind sail design. Visit our facebook to view different designs or request something special designed for you. Please specify which design and 1/2″ or 3/4″ chimes in the message of your payment. Beading not included (purchase below).


Add Beads To Your Chime

Hand bead work select a color theme and we’ll hand select beads for you.


Aspen and Copper Chimes Shipping Included

Free shipping in the continental US! Our smaller chimes all come beaded. We use a variety of semi precious stones and specialty beads. Visit our facebook or come visit us to view our latest designs.


Extra Sails

Get a new part for an old chime, change them out with the seasons or add a sail to a small aspen chime. We have a tons of options to choose from and always enjoy making new designs


Earrings Shipping Included

Free shipping in the continental US! We sometimes have a few extra gorgeous beads that aren’t enough to make another chime. We like to use the nicer ones to make earrings. Selection varies view our facebook or contact us to see current stock.


Cedar Toys

This lovely wiener dog posing with his inspiration is made from cedar and stained dark walnut. He has soft suede ears and a springy tail.

Contact us for more details and special requests.

Some of our sail designs

Custom Made To Order

The following products are all custom made to order. Please include any special requests in your payment message and or email me to be sure. You can also request a quote for a special request not seen here.

Custom Wind Chimes

Choose from a selection of wood, and chime materials including oak, red oak, cedar, copper, aluminum and steel.

Choose your finish, I like to use a red oak stained gunstock and finished with boiled linseed oil. I can leave it unfinished and even unsanded or we can stain it nearly any color and finish with linseed oil for a warm natural finish or polyurethane for a high gloss.

I can leave the chimes unfinished so they will age naturally or polish them and clear coat them so they remain shiny or my favorite is to add a lovely blue patina using household chemicals that are rinsed off. The patina brings out the lovely blue hues you’ll see on famous old copper like the statue of liberty. The copper will continue to age and wear with time.

Select the size and number of chimes you would like. (More than 10 chimes isn’t really feasible with this type of design and more than 6 will require a circular striker rather than the beautiful star I prefer. Chime size is limited to available stock and by the physics of audible tones. For example a 3/4″ copper chime has a maximum size of around 67 inches before the tone is too low to be audible by humans)

Select the design you would like, I’ve done hummingbirds, sailboats, cats, wiener dogs, dragons, cacti and a few others. If you would like something special on your windsail let me know and i’ll send you a design before making it.

Designs made to order. Prices vary Contact US for details.

Once we began to chime the hour, we lost the ability to be satisfied.

Mitch Albom